Zong 4G MBB Mobile Wifi Review – Decent Packages, Fair Price & Good Performance

Hi guys, this is the first post in B4B’s tech section, and I wanted to start it off with a good internet service’s review. In Pakistan, reliable internet service has been a big issue, especially in the early 2000s, and it is only now that high speed broadband has become somewhat affordable and accessible to most.

The country’s adoption of 3G and 4G also played a big role in expanding internet coverage, but initially, the price of these packages was a deterrent in adoption.

Only last year some companies started advertising 4G devices to act as mobile Wifi hotspots, and only recently I decided to give them all a try. On my phone I’m using Warid’s 4G LTE service, and while it’s been excellent in terms of coverage, it is on the more expensive side, with their recent offering of 12 GBs for 1,200 rupees.

They also have a mobile Wifi device but they are more expensive than Zong, especially for the volume I was considering. Hence, out of the two, I decided to opt for Zong’s 4G MBB device and got one from their service centre.

Zong Mobile 4G Device Huawei

Their staff at the service centre told me that the Fiber Home device has some issues and recommended that I go for the Huawei made mobile Wifi device, which has zero complaints.

I picked the 50 GB bandwidth package, which costed me a total of 5,000 rupees, out of which 3,000 were for the device while 2,000 were monthly charges for 50 GB.

Here are the rest of the Zong Mobile 4G packages:

Zong 4g Mobile Wifi Package Prices

Setting up the device was easy, the password for the default connection was inside the device’s back cover and logging into the admin interface was through the browser by accessing

I would also recommend downloading Huawei’s HiLink app from the Play Store for Android users and Apple’s App Store for iOS. The app makes it very easy to track your bandwidth usage and set limits.

While my Warid 4G LTE connection gives me average speeds between 7 MB to 16 MB, the Zong Mobile 4G device only gave me a maximum of 11 MB in a central area of Rawalpindi.

Zong 4G Speed Test

I tested the speed around Islamabad and Rawalpindi in general, and the average ranges from 4 MB to 7 MB. While this is not the fasted internet speed, I didn’t quite experience any issues during normal browsing, Youtube streaming and Netflix usage (yes, in case you didn’t know, Netflix works in Pakistan now).

50 GB bandwidth is also quite decent as long as you don’t download a lot of games and or movies. I did however manage to finish my bandwidth before the 30-day period due to watching Netflix on high definition and had to change settings later to conserve bandwidth.

The device works great around the city and on the move. The battery life is roughly 5 hours of standby without power input, but I usually keep it connected via a USB hub.

The device also comes in handy during power outages this summer, as I can continue working on my laptop without any service interruptions (earlier we needed UPS to run routers during outages).

Recharging the device after each month is a little tricky, as you need to either visit the Zong service centre or have credit loaded to your device’s phone number prior to the expiry of your package. However, it’s not a major issue and sometimes the Zong call centre staff call you before your package expires to facilitate recharging online.

All in all, if you’re looking for a good hi-speed connection which works on the go, Zong’s Mobile 4G offers good performance for decent packages at fair prices. I would recommend it to entrepreneurs and small business owners who want a flexible and reliable connection.

Hope you guys liked this review, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below and ask. You should also follow B4B for more guides, updates and news for Pakistani entrepreneurs.


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