How to Make Money Blogging from Anywhere

How To Write a Blog to Make Money from HomeLet’s be honest, everyone likes money; and while there are those who write for pleasure, a lot of people start a blog to make money sitting at home, or at least hope they can.

The most common ways to earn money from a blog include using ad networks (like Google AdSense), affiliate marketing, direct selling and offering services. In all of these instances your content plays a major role in pulling potential customers and compelling them to act.

Truth be told, it’s gotten a lot harder to make money blogging than it used to be. Look around the web and you’ll find new blogs springing up every day.

With so much content floating around, the competition has gotten stiff but there is always room for great, valuable content, and if you’re intent on giving it your all, we’ll show you how to write a blog and make money from it.

Identify your strength & pick a niche to write on

Notice how we say ‘strength’ and not strengths. It’s important here for you to decide upon a single strong point. While you might be good with music, movies, fitness and finance, you need to pick one niche for your blog if you aim to make money from it.

There are several factors that favor a single niche over multiple ones:

  1. It’s easier to comprehensively cover one niche compared to multiple niches
  2. It’s unlikely that your knowledge of and interest in all niches is equal
  3. You can easily build a solid reputation and be known for one niche
  4. You can attract more targeted traffic with one niche
  5. Targeted traffic is much easier to ultimately convert
  6. You’ll get more specific, targeted ads on your blog
  7. Your competition gets smaller if you pick a specific niche
  8. It’s comparatively easier to rank well on search engines for one niche

While some niches are much more profitable than others, your choice for blogging should hit a balance between profitability and your own experience/knowledge. Typically, any niche which is connected to mainstream products or services can bring in a lot of money for you.

Some examples of profitable niches include:

Financial services (insurances, credit cards, loans, mortgages etc.)

Education (courses, degrees, certifications, essays, dissertations etc.)

Health/Fitness (Supplements, medicines, exercise equipment, treatments etc.)

Relationships (Huge marketing potential – gifts, candies, flowers, vacations, grooming etc.)

Research keywords specific to your niche

Ultimately your blog will need traffic to make money, and unless you want to pay for traffic (not the best idea without any experience and testing), you’ll need to optimize your blog and content to pull visitors from search engines.

Search engine optimization shouldn’t scare you off. Essentially all optimization techniques aim to help search engines better understand your content and present it to people who search for it. In order for that to happen, you need to research keywords, which are basically search terms people use.

For instance, ‘content writing services’ is a valid search string and people use it to find writers or agencies which offer content writing services. Similarly, there are going to be several other related terms people use and you will need to find them through research.

The keywords which come up during your research will be important indicators of what your target audience wants, including any services or products (which is how you will make money).

If you’re looking for free tools to conduct your keyword research you should check out our upcoming detailed guide.

Write content to address major problems in your niche

When you are writing a blog to make money you need to attract visitors which are in the right frame of mind. You want people who are facing problems, want solutions and are willing to spend money for them.

For instance, if you are offering content writing services and wish to target potential clients, you need to address questions and issues they are most likely to face. In this example we can safely assume that clients want to know about:

Ways to find content writers in a specific location

Choose the right content writer or writing service

Assessing the cost of content writing for their website or blog and so on

If you write original and useful content addressing these problems you might just bag a contract yourself.

Similarly, if you pick parenting as your niche, there are literally tons of issues both mothers and fathers face on a daily basis, and addressing them can bring in a lot of traffic.

Another important thing here is to focus on writing deep content (around 1,500 words at least) in order to cover every topic in detail. This is seen favorably by search engines and also compels visitors to bookmark your website and come back for more.

Be original, promote your content and build credibility

One of the major reasons most blogs fail is because they don’t have any original content. There are obviously going to be topics that have been done by others, but by taking a different approach, adding your own insights or experience, you can stand out from the rest.

Original content has many benefits – it ranks well on search engines, holds visitors on your site and builds your reputation as a trust-worthy source of reliable and credible information.

Moreover, you should be active on social platforms and the comments section of your blog. The more you communicate with your target audience the more they trust you and you can also answer any questions they might have.

Social promotion isn’t just about sharing your content but also valuable content from other sources and interacting with your target user base.

Building a solid reputation in your niche should be one of your foremost goals because it opens up opportunities for wider marketing activities and essentially more money.

Aim for conversions with copywriting

Copywriting is the practice of writing content which focuses on converting visitors. Conversions can be any actions you wish your readers to take – subscribe, share, comment, click on ads or purchase a product.

If you want to take your money making to the next level, you will need to guide your visitors and persuade them to take certain actions. Your ability to do this will depend on a lot of factors, including your reputation, credibility and quality of content.

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to simply ask your readers to act, but you can’t be too pushy nor should all your content be sales oriented.

Finally, don’t forget to add personality to your copywriting. Even if it’s aimed at achieving conversions, it doesn’t need to be robotic and dull. Some of the best instances of copywriting hook readers from the first sentence and walk them through to the desired action item.

Got it, what’s next?

Blogging to make money is not as easy as it used to be, but it’s not impossible; especially if you are knowledgeable about a profitable niche and dedicated enough to invest time and effort in producing original, clever and useful content which solves problems.

Search engine optimization also plays an important role in pulling traffic for your content and good copywriting skills can convert readers into customers and clients. Even if you are content with AdSense, you will still need great content to keep visitors coming back for more.

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