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Qualities of Viral Conent

6 Qualities of Content That Gets Socially Shared and Goes Viral

Who doesn’t like shares and retweets? They’re addictive, they spread the word about your brand or website and they’re free promotion. But unfortunately, they aren’t very easy to get, especially given how crowded and noisy the web has become. Even as you read this, hundreds of posts are being published and thousands of updates are […]

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How To Write a Blog to Make Money from Home

How to Make Money Blogging from Anywhere

Let’s be honest, everyone likes money; and while there are those who write for pleasure, a lot of people start a blog to make money sitting at home, or at least hope they can. The most common ways to earn money from a blog include using ad networks (like Google AdSense), affiliate marketing, direct selling […]

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Home office for blogging

How to Start Your Own Blog in Pakistan

Almost everyone has a blog now, and following this post, you’ll have one very soon too. But before we begin, I’ll ask you to lower your expectations of what will happen once you have a blog. You won’t magically get readers, people won’t be visiting each post you write and you won’t immediately have a […]

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Zong 4G Speed Test

Zong 4G MBB Mobile Wifi Review – Decent Packages, Fair Price & Good Performance

Hi guys, this is the first post in B4B’s tech section, and I wanted to start it off with a good internet service’s review. In Pakistan, reliable internet service has been a big issue, especially in the early 2000s, and it is only now that high speed broadband has become somewhat affordable and accessible to […]

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Small business ideas in Pakistan

10 Great Small Business Ideas in Pakistan for 2016

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to start with some ideas to help all the budding entrepreneurs out there get going. If you ask someone whether he or she wants to start a business, the answer is seldom ‘no’ – it’s mostly ‘yes’ or ‘at some point in the future’, or ‘if I get a great […]

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Start online business in Pakistan

Why You Should Be Starting your Own Business in Pakistan Online

Hi guys, my name is Hunain Naseer, and this is the first post on Blog for Bank (B4B). I’d like to welcome you here and hope you’ll be able to learn something useful. I’ve decided to kick things off by answering a question most youngsters and students ask me – “should we start an online […]

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